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Carlos Pons Guerra

DeNada Dance Theatre

Working in ballet, contemporary dance and theatre, and always with adoration for kitsch, melodrama and high camp, Carlos creates work that explores gender, cultural and sexual identity, trying to entertain, move and provoke thought through emotionally motivated movement, narrative and theatricality.

Carlos Pons Guerra, who has created four internationally touring productions for the company, DeNada takes a unique place in the UK dance scene as an ensemble representing Hispanic culture as well as calling for LGBTQ+ and gender equality.

What will you be working on as part of your residency?

“I will be developing a new work that explores the relationship between British tourists and Spanish beaches- something I’ve experienced from a young age, coming from Gran Canaria! I am really interested in that cross-cultural encounter between people in a place where we are almost naked as is the beach.”

Carlos Pons Guerra

Carlos work

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