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Solomon Berrio-Allen

Solomon is an artist of motion, choreographer, and movement facilitator working in the field of dance.

His work spans across stage productions and film and carries an affinity with unfolding the poetry & sensibilities of our human nature and connection to the heartbeat of the world beyond.

In addition to his independent projects he has also created works from Italy to Moscow for companies such as Stanislavsky Ballet Company and Dance Arts Faculty – N-EXT as well as worked on projects platformed at arts initiatives and festivals such as NownessBFI Black Star Season and Encounters short film festival.

He cites movement as a key for opening perception, healing and growing our relationship to the world and each other.

Some of his most recent works featured at Artcore Gallery and an immersive live art performance & installation at Silver Building with House of Mass as well as being an artist in residence at DARP this last year.

He further walks with a care for opening space to see people bloom, step into their aliveness and bring ears to our spirit. This called him to found the online platform @howareyoudance looking at ‘how we are through movement’ and which stood as a home for conversation, community, exchange and collective growth.

Header image by Darja Štravs Tisu.

Solomon Berrio Allen Credit Darja Štravs Tisu