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FABRIC has launched a new programme of support for Midlands based artists to provide opportunities for artist to develop their practice, share space and hire a studio space for a subsidised rate across both sites; Birmingham and Nottingham.

The programme includes:

  • 4Squares
  • Blank Space (Launches 24 October)
  • Studio hire – artists rate

Free access to a co-working studio space for up to 4 artists at the same time. All movement practices are welcome.

Break out from your living room studio to work on your freelance projects, design a new workshop, try something out, or indulge in your morning yoga practice in a dance studio with friends.

Nottingham | Tuesdays | 9.30am – 11.30am | from 11 January

Birmingham | Fridays   9.30am –  11.30am | from 13 January

What is available?

This opportunity is for Midlands-based artists open to self-organising and sharing a space with others. Collaboration is a possibility where mutually desired, but not required.

Amplified sound is available, and usage should be negotiated between those who attend. Wireless headphones are encouraged otherwise. Tables, chairs, and basic equipment such as yoga mats can be arranged subject to availability.

Free WIFI is available.

More information about our studios can be found here


To secure your 4Square it is essential that you book your space online.

The opportunity is suitable for those 18 and over.

In the case that you do not turn up to a booking more than 3 times with no notification, you will no longer be able to access this opportunity.

Please read our guidance to visitors to ensure everyone’s safety

Click here to book your space in Birmingham

Click here to book your space in Nottingham

Read below some experiences from users of the 4Squares in previous sessions:

“It was a really pleasurable experience and I was very grateful to have some space to work in. All artists in the room yesterday were very respectful of each other and negotiated/communicated sharing the space really well. “

“As a dance artist who is in need of space for creating, moving, and filming it was very helpful to be offered free studio space. “


FABRIC is inviting Midlands based dance practitioners/artists to use our studio spaces in Birmingham FREE of charge. This offer is called Blank Space. No strings, minimal conditions, just FREE space to support professional artists and their work.

Who can use the space?

A professional dance artist or practitioner, aged 18 and over living in Midlands.

What can the space be used for?

Can include but is not limited to: rehearsals or practice; dance research; devising a dance workshop; preparing for an audition.

What can the space NOT be used for?

A class, workshop, or training; commercial/paid activity; anything advertised to the public; anything with non-professional attendees; anything that invites an audience; groups over 6 people.

What is available? 

  • Studio space bookable up to two weeks in advance, available on weekdays Monday-Friday (subject to availability)
  • Amplified sound
  • WiFi

More information about our studios can be found here

What is not available? 

  • Access to the Changing Room
  • Use of set, props and materials that will require cleaning or storage space after use of the studio space
  • Use of any technical equipment or resources (although hires can be arranged)

We ask that everyone who uses this space leaves it as they find it and vacate it at end of their booked slot as other artists might using it after them.

How to book?Booking in advance is required.

A space can be booked up to 2 weeks (10 working days) ahead at the time of booking. Available spaces for the two weeks ahead will be released on Monday and you can book these via links that will be added to this page.

Please note, that this is an opportunity available for everyone, so please, only book the space you can commit to at the time of booking.

Please note: In the case that you do not turn up to a booking or will not use the space for the full duration of the booking more than 3 times with no notification, you will no longer be able to access this opportunity.

Click here to book your space in Birmingham


Please, see the details on access in our studios here

Click here to book your space in Nottingham

FABRIC is inviting Midlands based dance practitioners/artists/companies to book our studio spaces in Nottingham and Birmingham for a subsidised artist hire rate.

Both Nottingham and Birmingham each have three fully equipped dance studios ideal for rehearsals, research, workshops, and events right in the heart of both cities.

The Artist hire rates for 2022-2023 (from 1 November 2022) are:

£10 per hour + VAT – Unfunded projects and non-commercial activity including dance students, individual artists.

£17 per hour + VAT – Funded projects/activity (non-commercial or income generating) including recipients of NPO funding

For our standard and commercial rates contact 

More information about our studios and how to book can be found here: