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What does this opportunity mean to you and what do you expect to develop during this period of time at dx?

Bboy Day One

The choreography award will enable my personal and project development, to grow and evolve my work as an emerging hip-hop theatre artist, to make a step-change within my choreographic career. This opportunity provides me with the support and resources to experiment and explore choreographic ideas and devices I have learnt through the Artist for Growth programme in Birmingham and London. I expect to improve and gain a deeper understanding of my choreographic abilities to create work that is impactful and influential within hip-hop theatre.  I will develop a piece of work that can be showcased to other artists and the public, using open places and unique spaces (OPUS) to influence movement; through the dance style of breakin 

Tell us about you and your company

I have been dancing for 9 years; becoming a member of the breakin’ crew – MadDopeKru (MDK) in 2012 and graduating from Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) in 2013. As a member of MDK I compete in solo and crew battles, recent successes have been Break Mission x Just for Rockers Competition Winner, Paris, France Qualifier (9th September 2018) and Who Got The Flower Footwork Finalist and Toprock Semi-finalist 2019, Pontcharra, France (26th-28th of April 2019).  

I have been working as a Freelance Artist, delivering workshops, covering classes and judging hip-hop competitions. However, recently I set up my own company ‘O’Driscoll Collective’ which consists of three service strands: Outreach, Performances and Workshops. This has allowed me to further connect with regional organisations and schools to share my dance experience and knowledge with a range of youth communities and adults also.  

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world right now who would it be?

Dancer: Peggy Olislaegers. Occupation: Dramaturgy. Reason: Peggy Olislaegers is now one of the leading independent dance dramaturges in Europe and provides artistic and strategic advice for both choreographers and institutes in the performing arts. 

Non Dancer: Alan Watts. Occupation: Philosopher. Reason: I would like to collaborate with Alan Watts, as I would find it interesting to take his philosophies and translate them into my artistic practice. 

Your first dance experience?

My first dance experience was with my father, who was a singer, whilst he performed on stage I used to dance alongside him in various venues across the West Midlands.  

The encouragement and energy from my dad whilst he was performing, curated my involvement within the arts, as I enjoyed the shared love for the music and movement.  

This lead me to being open-minded to attending my first breakin’ workshop by MadeDopeKru (MDK), facilitated by Mickael Marso Riviere, which began my journey within breakin’ as this session was followed up by mentoring, by senior members within MDK.  

What is your most favourite dance video?

There are many videos that heavily influenced and inspired me throughout the years, and I didn’t want to single out specific dancers or crews, due to the individuality of the style.  

I selected this video because it a portfolio of the morals and values of breakin’ and it was published within my first year of taking breakin’ seriously. This video, for me, still defines what breakin’ is about to this current day. 


Twitter – @OD_Collective  

Instagram – @jamaaldrisc / @odriscoll_collective