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Published on: Friday January 26, 2018

January 26, 2018

After my triumphant African Dance Workout last week, I felt excited for this week’s lesson, Street Dance Beginners with Darcy.

I had images of Diversity running round my head, hoping that after my one hour fifteen session I would be able to pop and lock like Ashley Banjo. 

The class started with an energetic warm up which used the whole of the floor space. As we ran and bounced to loud, thumping music, I already knew I was going to enjoy this class.

After the warm up, Darcy explained the basics of street dance and told us in this lesson we would be practising house style. This mini introduction was great as it informed me of the different components to street dance, and gave me a ‘theoretical’ basis to the style.

I had no idea what the house style of dancing was, but as Darcy explained, it’s a hybrid of jazz, African, Latin, soul, R&B, funk and hip hop. It uses extremely fast footwork, and jacking, which I can only describe as a ‘pump’ in your torso.

The steps were fast, but they were broken down and repeated enough for me to get the hang of it. For the last run through, we were encouraged to let go of our inhibitions and just have fun. Darcy made me feel like I was being taught by a friend, her chatting and jokes had everyone smiling.

At the gym I’m usually checking the clock when I’m halfway through, however I didn’t look once during Street Dance (I may have been too busy concentrating on my feet!).

At Street Dance beginners, you’ll learn the kind of moves you can whip out on the dancefloor, and I can’t wait to go back to practise!

Next week I’ll be trying something a little different, Ballet Beginners. Wish me luck!