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Published on: Wednesday December 14, 2016

December 14, 2016

DanceXchange is pleased to announce the award recipients of the second edition of the Jerwood Choreographic Research Project (JCRP II), a National Dance Network initiative supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation and delivered by DanceXchange.

JCRP is an innovative investment model designed to kick-start ideas and research into challenging and exciting choreographic concepts and to stimulate new thinking in choreography by enabling artists and creatives to think, dream and experiment freely.  The funding partnership includes 37 Contributors from a wide range of UK organisations, along with Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Director of Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Shonagh Manson, said:

As a founding funder we have helped to bring contributors on board by providing match funding and brokering introductions to the project for organisations from outside of dance who are interested in choreographic research and in joining the rich network of commissioners this project opens up. We are very excited to see the range of artists’ projects which will be supported. Each has an exceptional list of co-commissioners on board, which has levered substantial additional in-kind support. Importantly, each project prioritises valuable research space which will open up opportunities for new ways of thinking and making to thrive.

Over 250 applications were made requesting £5.5 million in funding.  Representatives from the 37 partner organisations deliberated for two days to choose the eight projects that will be supported this round.  The fund will distribute a total of £136,000 in cash and over £50,000 of in-kind support, and the eight projects have generated an additional £50,000 in direct funding and support.

A core aim of the JCRP is to attract investment from Contributors whose primary focus is not dance, such as galleries, thereby facilitating a broader dialogue about, and championing of, choreographic development.

Giles Maffett, Assistant Curator at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, said:

We are interested in blurring boundaries between different artistic disciplines, especially when such crossovers can address current issues and contribute towards change.  The JCRP is an important opportunity for artists to push the boundaries, to transcend typical notions of choreography, and to foster new relationships between their field and ours.

The chosen research projects will explore a range of disciplines and interests including dance, sculpture, architecture, robotics, disability, Kung Fu, acrobatics and meteorology.   45% of the projects will be taking place outside of London, proving that JCRP is a vital mechanism in supporting work throughout the UK.

Announcing the recipients of JCRP II, David Massingham, Artistic Director of DanceXchange, said:

JCRP II has already been an incredibly rewarding journey, meeting new collaborative partners and artists, and exploring what it means to do choreographic research. This year the concepts and ideas in the awarded projects are really wide-ranging and will undoubtedly affect the future of choreographic forms going forward. I am looking forward to the outcomes in the coming two years!