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Published on: Wednesday March 6, 2019

March 6, 2019

Kyle R, a year 10 student from BOA, Birmingham joined us for a week of work experience. Here he gives a review of his week:

Monday: On my first day of work experience at DanceXchange, I had a meeting with each staff to see what they do and they’re roles in the company in different departments: Customer Administration (CAA), Programming, Participation and Learning, Marketing and Finance. For the rest of the day I went on a CAA induction to see how they work and all the jobs they have to do.

Tuesday: I met with Simeon L who is the company administrator, he taught me how to register people into classes and learning how handling the money. In the afternoon I started writing up a plan to try to intrigue more boys into dancing, talking about different aspects trying to interest them. At the end of the day, I designed all the volunteer and staff lanyards for the upcoming U.Dance 2019 on 10 March.

Wednesday:  I did some retention marketing which involved me making an email to send out to people who came to a lesson and never came back and I had to try interest them to come back for more lessons. I then filled in a spreadsheet of reviews from Humanhood Torus! At the end of the day, I created signs to go around the building for when U.Dance 2019 occurs saying where and what is happening in each studio.

Thursday: I observed a professional class and took some photos and videos of the class and had a 1:1 with Alex H who is the Head of Participation and Learning and learnt about all her job and went into further detail about her CAT programme that she runs for aspiring dancers aged 11-18.

Friday: I worked on the front desk in the morning signing people in for the classes and counting up all the money after. Then I put some more lanyards together for U.Dance 2019 an started writing my over all review of my work experience week

Overall my week at DanceXchange has been amazing and I’ll never forget it or everyone who works here. I hope to do more work and workshops here in the upcoming future!

Thankyou DX!