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Published on: Monday October 17, 2022

Meet all the artists that will be with us for NXT Gen Youth this Autumn!

These artists will run technique & company classes, creative sessions and lead you through the 3-day intensive. Styles inlcude ballet, contemporary, afrobeats, yoga and more.

Jevan Howard Jones

Jevan Howard Nxt Gen Guest Choreo

Jevan is a Movement Artist, Choreographer and a multi-disciplinary creative who uses different mediums to explore his art.  Jevan’s technical training at The Brit School and London Contemporary Dance, paired with his roots in street dance, has created a fusion of many styles and cultures within his work.  He is currently the Associate Choreographer for the West End musical, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. This has led to 15 years of performing and teaching throughout the UK and Internationally, more recently participating in the house dance and hip hop battle scene.  Through having a strong connection to music culture and community, he teaches regular choreography classes in East London, DJ’s in music venues across the city and immerses himself in various creative projects.






Marcia Edwards

Marcia Edwards Movement Shot

Marcia is a teacher and choreographer based in the West Midlands.  She achieved a BA Hons from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and a PTTLS qualification. After graduating she danced with ACE Dance and Music, State of Emergency, Dida Dance Norway and toured commercially in Paris, Switzerland, San Tropez and Romania.  She has worked with choreographers such as Nevile Campbell, Janice Garret, Jamie Watton, Gail Parmel, Barwen Tavaziva, Akiko Kitamura, Vinvent Mantsoe and Robert Moses. 

She has taught in numerous educational establishments, up to university level, led Big Dance Birmingham and worked in Great Britain’s National School Games. She teaches across the Midlands, including classes for Brum Pro Class Dance/DanceXchange, ACE Dance and Music, 2 Faced Dance and Flexus Dance Collective; as well as running her own professional dance company, ME Dance and ME Dance Youth Graduates.  Her 20 years plus experience has given her extensive connections with schools, colleges and universities, as well as international institutions such as Graham of Europe, Conception Dance Company (Grenada) Noyam African Dance Institute (Gharna) and Dida Dance Company (Norway).

Marcia has recently shown Chain Stories as part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games and is now concentrating on her new work A Kiss Goodbye due to premiere at the Arena Theatre in November.

Rachel Hunt

Rachel Hunt Headshot

Rachel has been training in dance for over 19 years across a variety of disciplines such as Hip Hop, Latin and Contemporary, all of which inspire her choreography. After graduating the University of East London with a degree in Dance : Urban Practice, she has been training and teaching people spanning across a range of ages and levels in Hip Hop and Commercial dance and can’t wait to continue her journey here at DanceXchange.

Ioana Macovei


Hello, I am Ioana, artist and yoga instructor but most importantly, I am a well-being advocate. I am excited to promote the message of treating our bodies with kindness and calming our minds through yoga, meditation, creativity and movement.

Yoga is a keystone in my life, allowing me to balance my career, passion and work as an artist whilst keeping my mind calm and body strong and resilient. Sharing this practice and empowering others to find their balance is a dream come true(my definition of bliss).

Jack Wallace

Jack Wallace Headshot

Jack is a Birmingham/London based contemporary dance teacher and performance artist. After graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, they have worked as a performer often collaborating with other art mediums for magazines, online articles and live performances.

With a natural desire to help others grow and evolve their artistic abilities, individual confidence and flare. They have made it their mission to reach many in the Birmingham area, to inspire and develop them as artists.

Shelley Eva Haden

Shelley Eva Haden

Shelley trained at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating in 2014 with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Dance Performance, achieving outstanding results and becoming the first to achieve 100% on the Final Years Solo Choreography Assessment. Shelley’s choreography ‘Silver Shelter’ is part of the school repertoire for students to study and perform as part of their ‘Performance Practice Module’ (2014-present)

Shelley has performed with many contemporary choreographers/companies as well as commercial, film and TV work. She has toured internationally with credits including the likes of; Sam Amos (Trash Dolly’s Dance Theatre), Jamaal Burkmar,(Extended Play), Gary Clarke (Gary Clarke Company), Corey Baker (Corey Baker Dance Company), Rhiannon Faith, Tamsin Fitzgerald (2faced Dance Company), Keisha Grant (Keneish Dance), Rosie Kay (Rosie Kay Dance Company), Rachel Lopez (Dog Kennel Hill Project).

With over 9 years teaching experience within the participatory setting, Shelley has worked with a range of participants and companies, including Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham Opera Company, DanceXchange, CAT (Centre For Advance Training: The Place, DanceXchange, NSDC, Birmingham Dance Network (Professional Class), DanceFest, Pineapple and many other schools, universities and institutes.

​Shelley continues to explore and create her own work, delving into various commissions, workshops, and research periods. Shelley’s choreographic practice is supported by many organisations including Arts Council England and Dance Hub Birmingham.


Since 2017, DANCEWITHSTAGO has been the talk of the town as we continually aim to create a platform in which young adults are able to achieve their creative purpose. Thanks to our wide range of quality entertainment, we aim to use Afrobeats as a medium to channel our vision. As an industry-leading Dance Company, we believe in engaging with the community and spreading the culture of Afrobeats through dance

Chanelle Harris

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