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Published on: Monday April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

Having pursued RAD ballet to Advanced 1 during my schooling years, but having had a lengthy break from training ever since, I was both excited and nervous about trying Advanced Ballet at DanceXchange. Luckily, all fear was swept away as soon as Jenny Murphy, an ex-Birmingham Royal Ballet performer and our class teacher, took us swiftly through the familiar barre exercises with her beaming smile and gentle manner. All came rushing back to me and I knew exactly where I was (although felt a lot weaker and stiffer!)

Jenny gave attentive and constructive praise and criticism, both individually and to the group, helping us to focus on our technique and iron out any untidy habits.

We moved smoothly from barre to centre, tackling adage and allegro exercises in turn.

All became a bit more complicated for me when we started jumping and doing some tricky footwork! But it was brilliant to be back in class all the same – I felt a great lift from getting back to the discipline and so relaxed afterwards for all the concentration and energy it takes out of you.

It won’t be the last time they see me!