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Igor and Moreno present a duet about the secret lives we all possess when we are close to others. Those moments – between coffee and dancing – when harmony abandons us and all we have left is the desire to scream.

Post-show talk led by Aaron Wright from Fierce Festival

 ‘a pure, unadulterated delight’

‘it was BRILLIANT. And VISCERAL. […] You know the best thing about ‘visceral’?
’T HAVE TO MEAN ANYTHING. You just feel it.


Key Information


Thursday 23 March 2017


DanceXchange, The Patrick Studio, Birmingham Hippodrome.


By the time fifty-five minutes are up, the audience have been on a deceptively finely-crafted emotional journey, from absurdity and surrealism to sculptural beauty and harmony and love. […] Igor and Moreno may initially seem like they are playing with idiocy and absurdity, but this is a work of considerable subtlety and intelligence with a strong emotional heart. Perfect at a time when our tomorrows have rarely seemed less certain.
✭✭✭✭ (Peter Jacobs, The Reviews Hub)