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Presented in partnership with Flatpack

Dance films have seen a meteoric rise in production and popularity over the last few years with an abundance of new screendance festivals emerging, and filmmakers, choreographers, and dancers finding new and original ways in which to collaborate.

As part of ScreenDance Unpacked programme, DX worked collaboratively with Flatpack and  screendance aficionado Sima Gonsai, to round up eight of our favourite shorts that represent the diversity of the genre, providing a snapshot of global screendance filmmaking. The films span four different continents and explore a whole range of narratives and subjects. Whether you’re new to screendance or seasoned follower, there’s so much to enjoy and be inspired by here.

The programme was part of the Autumn series of Dance Insights ONLINE

  •  Bellydance Vogue – Dir. Hadi Moussally (France 2020 )
  •  About Face – Dir. Yoram Savion (US 2019)
  •   Canning Town – Dir. Fabiola Santana & Will Dickie (UK 2019)
  •   Bubblegum – Dir. Ryan Renshaw (Australia 2020)
  •   Am I Paris? – Dir. Redha Medjellekh (France 2017)
  •   No, I Don’t Want to Dance – Dir. Andrea Vinciguerra (UK 2019)
  •   Lazarus – Dir. Tuixén Benet (US 2020)

Screendance Deconstructed – on Thursday 19 November – followed up this event with Sima Gonsai joining artists Hadi Moussally (Bellydance Vogue), Fabiola Santana & Will Dickie (Canning Town) to discuss their films, the inspiration behind them, and how they made them.


November 2020 DX teamed up with Flatpack to offers a unique opportunity to engage with some of the best digital work from across the globe, and learn more about the filmmakers and their work.  To top it all off, choreographers and filmmakers joined a Masterclass exploring the process of making and distributing your own work. Screendance Unpacked is part of the autumn season of Dance Insights Online.

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Wednesday 18 November 2020