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Final selected projects for the JCRP funding

Alexander Whitley & Marshmallow Laser Feast

Development and research of a reactive tracking system working with dancers and digital visual projection. Exploring how motion capture can react to the sensitive subtlety of choreography.

Andy Field

Researching a choreographic practice which places the audiences actively in the centre of instruction based performances.

Dan Canham

Investigating what a new form of folk dance might look like if it were to be developed from scratch today.

David Harradine

‘Men and Girls’ – exploring the charged politics around the relationships of men and girls, this research will explore what happens when two groups of people currently seen as best kept apart work together.

Geraldine Pilgrim

‘Sitting Comfortably’ will research the memories and movements of older people living in sheltered housing or care homes. Often confined to sitting in wing backed chairs facing nowhere, it will investigate how they remember the movements of their bodies when they were younger and more agile.

Kate McGrath & Louise Blackwell (Fuel)

‘Music to move to’ – Fuel will explore how the virtual domain can be used to inspire and provoke people to move to the music they love and the feasibility of an online space for sharing choreographic practice between members of the public and artists.

Luca Silvestrini & Orlando Gough

Choreographic exploration of movement, singing and text, testing ideas and concepts around the social cultural importance of food and the shared experience of eating.

Paul Evans

Investigating the affect of physical aspects of aerial circus on the voice.

Rita Marcalo

‘’ – research into the potential for a choreographic work experienced through mobile phones and created with members of communities where it is installed.

Rosemary Lee & Simon Whitehead

‘Tree-Call’ – research into choreography and vocalising in huge mature trees in public urban environments.

Tamsin Fitzgerald

Research into the creation of a multi-sensory outdoor dance experience targeted at 19-35 year olds, referencing club culture, circus and performance.

Tim Webb & Kathy Everett

Research into choreography for young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorder exploring ‘close-up’ choreography with individually focused interactions and the potential for collective participatory experience using trampolines.