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Published on: Tuesday October 29, 2019

October 29, 2019

Shek reviews Street Dance Beginners with Darcy Wanstall at DanceXchange

Monday 23 September, 6pm

Shek, DanceXchange Digital AssistantHi, I am Shek, DanceXchange Digital Assistant. As part of my new role, I have set myself the challenge of trying as many dance styles on the DX class timetable as possible over the next few months. So here goes!

For most of my life have danced – I LOVE learning and experiencing the wonderful world of dance in all its many forms. Working at DX I have seen the wide range of dance we offer and I asked myself why I would pass up the opportunity to try them all. I decided to start with something familiar and took part in Street Dance Beginners, taught by Darcy Wanstall, although I have danced this style for many years there is never a time you can’t brush up on your skills and have fun!

Entering the class there was a cool, inviting vibe as there was music playing and class goers engaged in conversations before we began. Darcy began with an introduction and explained what happens as part of weekly classes, this week the style of choice was breakin’. I sighed inside and muttered to myself ‘oh no this is my worst style’ and there was a sense of impending dread, even with Darcy’s reassurance.

We began with an energetic warm-up that consisted of grooves, high energy and booming music, which really energised the atmosphere. Throughout, Darcy always explained a brief history of the moves we were learning, this gave great context to better understand the style we were learning.

Although I am not a stranger to breakin’, it is not my strong suit, however, throughout the class, the techniques of the moves were thoroughly broken down and repeated to ensure you’re comfortable with the steps and routine. Considering my initial reaction and thought of doing breakin’, I enjoyed the high energy of it and felt so much more confident with the foundation moves from the style.

Overall, Darcy is a great teacher and she creates such a relaxed, comfortable environment for you to work at your own pace and gain strong foundations in Street Dance. I would recommend this class for complete newbies and dancers who want to learn, sharpen their skills and have fun.

Next week I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone and giving Contemporary Beginners a go.