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Published on: Thursday November 12, 2020

CSE dance student Shannon reviews Fuel’s basketball inspired performance /16 May

Shannon Emily 15 – Alderbrook School

Fuel’s ‘The Spalding Suite’ was both humorous as well as interesting. The fusion between hip hop and poetry were successfully combined and added an interesting element and a unique form of dance that I had never encountered prior to my attendance of this performance. The connection between the dancers across the various scenes of the performance represented the sharp style of hip hop yet still demonstrated the emotions the poetry aimed to present to those watching.

Jason York Km Drew Boateng Spaldingsuite C Helen Maybanks 768x768
Photo by Helen Maybanks

The dancers within the company visibly displayed passion and professionalism as professional dancers and they took a charismatic approach that created humour and made it possible for the audience to enjoy themselves at the welcoming atmosphere the performance provided

When watching the choreography it was that of a masterpiece. It incorporated the popular sport of basketball and fused it with the sharper style of hip hop and despite the fluidity of the two different styles being rather contradicting it was smooth and it kept the hip hop style visible and recognized. The choreography was excellently performed with high levels of technique and despite the up-beat tempo and quick, sharp pace of the movements the technique was never lost meaning that the dance performed was strong and of a highly professional standard.

Each of the dancers displayed individualism and you could clearly recognize not only their strengths as individuals but as a whole company also, they portrayed their characters successfully and the acting used was respectable and added a dramatic aroma to the atmosphere of the piece.

L R Marcquelle Ward Emmanuel Akwafo Jason York Spaldingsuite C Helen Maybanks For Web 768x768
Photo by Helen Maybanks

The sound effects created by MC Zani was interesting and was one of my favourite elements of the piece because it added a unique element and also intrigued me through the accuracy of the sounds he was producing and how much emphasis they provided to the movements the dancers were performing.

Overall, I would encourage anyone who has a passion and liking for hip-hop or basketball, or both, to go and view this performance because it is an excellent demonstration of skills, passion and is an enjoyable experience, a skilfully outstanding piece.