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Published on: Friday October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

BTEC dance student Caitlin Oakes reviews Alexander Whitley / 8 Minutes on Tuesday 3 October, 8pm

Caitlin OakesInspired by solar science, Alexander Whitley’s stunning choreography takes you on an extraordinary, 1-hour journey through our universe. Trying to explore as much space as possible, this fast-moving, enthralling piece is staggering. From exceptional contact work, to striking canons, Alexander Whitley’s ability to amaze is exposed.

His remarkable use of solos, duets and unison phrases illustrates his new, in-depth knowledge of physics after working with space scientists from STFC RAL Space. Throughout the piece, not only was science a running topic, but technology featured during some of the motifs. A rare use of time-lapse was implemented during the piece to replicate how scientists hurry the lengthy process; something which was captivating to see.

With movements matching every accent seamlessly, and high-definition imagery matching every accent impeccably, Alexander Whitley left no stone unturned when it came to finalising his piece.

All seven dancers echoed the theme exquisitely as they took on Whitley’s challenging choreography. The intense relationship between dancers and audience indicated a passion for the piece. An abnormal fusion of physics and contemporary has been confirmed to work tremendously. What a mesmerising performance!

More about Caitlin:

“I currently study first award BTEC Dance at Thorns Collegiate Academy and attend dance classes at Sheryl’s Dance Academy. Dancing since 3 years old, I have a passion for performing. Every year, I compete in street and freestyle competitions, dance in festivals/shows and do my exams. My favourite styles are street and contemporary/lyrical. I love watching dance performances as it inspires me to work harder in my work.”